About The Enigma Pi

The Enigma Pi came about due to the marrying up of two of my great loves; Enigma machines and soldering irons. Having acquired an Enigma-E kit I finally had my chance to build my own Enigma machine, albeit an electronic descendant.

Around this time the Raspberry Pi made an appearance. Shortly after having got my hands on one, I was playing around with the Enigma's RS232 port and an idea struck me. A few weeks later the Pi found itself nesting inside the Enigma-E and a new device had been born: the world's first Internet-enabled Enigma machine.

Enigma Pi is an Enigma-E electronic Enigma hooked up to a Raspberry Pi, which lives inside the Enigma's box. The Enigma-E has the ability to send it's output text over RS232. This is collected by the Pi via a USB-based RS232 adapter. It is then transmitted 'over the Internet' via an Edimax wi-fi adapter. Power is provided via the Enigma-E's 12V supply, which is transformed into something more friendly via a circuit taken from a car socket USB adapter.

This site has a page where you can 'intercept' the Enigma Pi's transmissions and email the resulting message wherever you like. You can then decrypt the message using a functionally identical Enigma M4 simulator written in JavaScript.

The point of all this is twofold. Firstly, I did because I could. Secondly, I'm a volunteer tour guide at Bletchley Park and I'm hoping to use this site to help explain Enigma to (ideally, but not exclusively) some of our younger guests.

If you're still interested, either get out more or have a read of these posts on my blog:

If you have any questions, I'm @mrpjevans on Twitter.

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